The Phobjikha Valley is a vast U-shaped ancient glacial valley, also known as Gangteng Valley named after the impressive Gangteng Monastery of the Nyingma sect in central Bhutan, where the graceful black-necked cranes in Bhutan (Grus nigricollis) from the Tibetan Plateau visit the valley during the winter season to roost. On arrival in the Phobjikha Valley in the last week of October, the black-necked cranes circle the Gangteng Monastery three times and also repeat the process while returning to Tibet.

 The last town on the central highway before central Bhutan.

Location: Between Punakha and Trongsa
Distance from Thimphu: 72km (2 ½ hrs)
Elevation: 1,400m (4,480ft)


     GANGTEY VALLEY OR PHOBJIKHA: It situated at top a hill at an altitude of 2800m, Offers a stunning view of Phobjikha valley, winter home to the rare Black Necked Cranes.

    It was built in the spot where Divine Madman Drukpa Kuenley first met Ashi Genzo, who was renowned for her beauty. He is an iconic saint due to his unorthodox method of teaching through ribald humour. 

     WANGDUE PHODRANG DZONG: The Dzong is open for visitors during Wangdue Phodrang Tsechu celebrated in autumn.

      FARM HOUSE: Optional for spending a night in a traditional Bhutanese farm house in Phobijkha valley.

      Other attraction: Gangtey trek, and more.