This six day trek takes you into an area adorned with a multitude of pristine, crystal clear lakes. As you walk amidst the shimmering lakes you’ll be treated to stunning views of the entire Himalayan mountain range and some of the world’s highest peaks including Mt. Everest, Jomolhari, Masang Gang, Jichu Drake, Gangche Ta and many more.

During the trek an entire day will be dedicated to visiting some of the more picturesque lakes, fishing and resting. The trail also takes you through several Bhutanese villages so you can get a good idea of traditional Bhutanese village life as you make your way back from the lakes.

While this is a somewhat strenuous trek, it is well worth the effort because of the tranquility and beauty of natural landscape that you will enjoy during the journey. The best time to embark on this trek is between April-June or September –October.

Day 1: Paro to Shana
Distance 15 km, 6 hours, sleeping altitude : 2800 m

The Drugyal Dzong was built in 1654 by the Shabdrung to commemorate one of the many war victories against the Tibetans. Over the centuries, it guarded the trail from Tibet into the Paro valley. We will be met at this historic site by our trekking crew for the start of our trek. Follow the Paro Chu upstream through the village of Tshento on a dirt road for about an hour. We will have lunch in a friend’s house on the trail. Just before reaching our camp, we will have to pass through an army check post, where your guide will produce your trekking permit.

Day 2: Shana to Thangthangkha
Distance 21 km, 8 hours, sleeping altitude : 3630m

The trail from Shana to Thangthangkha is a very rocky series of small ups and downs along the Paro Chu and can be very muddy if it rains. About 2 ½ hours into the trek, you will come at a junction where a trail branches to go to Tibet. Don’t go to Tibet!

Day 3: Thangthangkha to Jangothang
Distance 16 km, 6 hours, sleeping altitude : 4090m

Today you will come across small sparse settlements, and herds of yaks. You will also be crossing the tree line (4000m). Our camp at Jangothang will bring us face to face with the majestic jhomolhari. Jangothang means the land of ruins; you will see ruins of some old settlements, which no one seems to know much about.

Day 4: Halt

Acclimatization and rest day. A good optional hike is to climb to the Tshophu Lake at 4300m, which is about 2h from Jangothang.

Day 5: Jangothang to Yaksa
Distance 17 km, 7 hours, sleeping altitute : 4090m, Pass to cross : Bongtey La, 4820m

2 hours from Jangothang is the Tshophu Lake, which you probably visited yesterday. From the lake, it’s another 2 hours to the pass. Climbing up to the pass, we will be rewarded with stunning views of the Chomolhari and Jichu Drakey. From the pass, it’s all the way downhill until our camp at Yaksa.

Day 6: Yaksa to Thombu
Distance 14 km, 5 hours, sleeping altitute : 4090m, Pass to cross : Thombu La, 4550m

Climbing out of Yaksa, you will see the few houses that make up the Yaksa village across the valley, and the pass you came over yesterday. About 2 hours of gradual climbing and you will cross the tree line, entering another valley. The pass is 1 hours climb from here. From the pass, you can see the yak herders grazing grounds of Thombu, our camp. On a clear day, you can even see some houses in Tibet.

Day 7: Thombu to Gunitsawa, Paro (end trek)
Distance 17 km, 6 hours, sleeping altitute : 2600m

A short steep climb will take us out of the Thombu basin, traversing along a trail cut into a rocky cliff with a dizzying drop. 4 hours of steep and dusty descent (1 ½ k of vertical descent) will bring us to the army check post that we crossed on the first day of our trek. Our destination is a further 2 hours downstream from the army camp.



Day 1|Paro to Shana
Day 2|Shana to Thangthangkha
Day 3|Thangthangkha to Jangothang
Day 4|Halt
Day 5|Jangothang to Yaksa
Day 6|Yaksa to Thombu
Day 7|Thombu to Gunitsawa, Paro (end trek)

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